What Foods Should You Avoid After Getting Veneers?

At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot uses porcelain veneers to help his patients in Wylie, TX to mask imperfections on their smiles. Porcelain veneers are thin porcelain shells bonded directly to the front of your teeth to improve how your smile looks. Our cosmetic dentist can custom design your veneers to enhance the shape, color, size, and length of your teeth. They can last for up to ten years with proper care. After getting veneers, you will have to learn which foods are safe to eat with your new restorations. During a consultation at our dental office, you can learn more about if you’re a candidate for veneers and tips on eating with veneers.

Am I a candidate for veneers in Wylie, TX?

Porcelain veneers are great for anyone who wants to hide chips, cracks, stains, or other imperfections in their smile. They can be used to improve tooth alignment or to fix a gapped smile. At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. G. listens to your smile goals during your initial visit. Next, he creates a treatment plan that meets these goals. A thorough dental exam helps us determine if you’re a candidate and if you have any existing oral health issues that must be addressed before treatment. Signs of periodontal disease, teeth grinding, and jaw clenching make you ineligible for this cosmetic dentistry procedure.

The veneers process

After we determine you’re a candidate for veneers in Wylie, TX, we will take impressions of your teeth, which are sent to a dental lab to create your permanent veneers. A set of temporary veneers will be placed on your teeth until your permanent ones are ready. At that point, you will come back to our dental office, where we will remove your temporary veneers. To help your permanent veneers bond best, we will remove a small portion of your tooth enamel. After your veneers are bonded, Dr. G. can make minor adjustments, as needed, to ensure the proper fit.

Foods you can and cannot eat with veneers

When it comes to eating with temporary veneers, you should avoid:

  • Hard foods, such as raw fruit and vegetables and hard candy

  • Sticky food, like caramel

  • Toasted or crusty bread

  • Tough meat

  • Any food that can stain, such as tomatoes, soda, berries, tea, or coffee

Our dental team recommends that our patients in Wylie, TX with temporary veneers, eat:

  • Bananas

  • Chicken

  • Eggs

  • Mashed potatoes

  • Any soft foods, like pasta or rice

After your permanent veneers are placed, you must make changes to your diet to ensure your veneers don’t get damaged. Some foods we suggest you avoid include dark beverages, such as black tea, coffee, or red wine. At Trusted Dental Care, we also recommend that you sip through a straw to decrease the time that any liquid comes in contact with your teeth. Limit alcohol consumption as it can damage the bonding material for your veneers. For patients with tooth sensitivity, avoid extremely cold or hot food or beverages.

Learn more on what to eat with veneers

Porcelain veneers help our patients in Wylie, TX regain confidence about their smiles. At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot offers this cosmetic dentistry procedure to correct broken, chipped, crooked, or cracked teeth. To schedule a consultation to learn if you’re a candidate for veneers and to learn more about the diet associated with them, call our dental office today.

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