Can You Still Get Gum Disease With Porcelain Veneers?

At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot uses porcelain veneers to improve how his patients smile in Wylie, TX. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are adhered to the front of the teeth. We use veneers to make minor improvements to the teeth and to create a natural-looking, beautiful smile. They are custom-made to match a patient’s natural teeth and to change the color, shape, size, or length of them. During a consultation, Dr. G. can examine your teeth and gums to determine if you’re a candidate for veneers. He can also answer any questions about the process, including if you can get gum disease with porcelain veneers. 

What causes gum disease? 

Gum disease is caused by poor brushing and flossing that allows plaque to build up on the teeth and harden, turning into tartar. In more advanced stages of periodontal disease, you can experience sore or bleeding gums, painful chewing, and even tooth loss. There are many risk factors for gum disease, including smoking, hormonal changes, diabetes, medications that slow saliva flow, and certain medications. At Trusted Dental Care, we recommend annual dental exams and biannual dental cleanings to ensure your oral health stays at its best. 

Can you get gum disease with veneers? 

Yes, you can. The easiest way to avoid gum disease in teeth that are covered by veneers is with an efficient at-home oral hygiene routine. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily helps remove plaque that can turn into tooth decay. Scheduling regular comprehensive dental exams and routine dental cleanings also make sure your oral health stays at its best when you have veneers. 

Diagnosing gum disease 

At your dental exam at Trusted Dental Care, Dr. G. follows this process:  


Examine gums looking for signs of inflammation.  


Use a probe to look for or measure any pockets around the teeth.  

Ultimately, the depth of these pockets should be 1 – 3 millimeters. Anything larger shows that gum disease is present. If we suspect you have gum disease, we will make a professional recommendation for gum disease treatment for your case, depending on the stage. 

How to treat gum disease 

Periodontal disease treatment is based on the severity of the infection. If Dr. G. diagnoses you with gum disease, he will discuss his treatment recommendations with you. For gingivitis, a dental cleaning with improved oral hygiene from home is best to resolve the condition. Periodontitis is addressed with nonsurgical scaling and root planing with localized delivery of antibiotics or laser gum treatment. If advanced gum disease is affecting your oral health, gum surgery may be necessary. Treating gum disease as early as possible can minimize damage and stop the progression of your gum disease. 

How long do veneers last? 

With proper oral hygiene practices at home and regular dental exams and routine cleanings in Wylie, TX, your veneers should last 10 – 15 years. This efficient at-home oral hygiene routine will also keep tooth decay and gum disease away. 

Will insurance cover my gum disease treatment? 

Insurance coverage for gum disease therapy varies depending upon the seriousness of your gum disease and the necessary treatment needed. If you are using dental insurance, our office will contact your insurance company to learn about your coverage and determine any personal costs. Do not avoid periodontal care due to financial concerns, as this can lead to more serious oral health problems. At Trusted Dental Care, we accept different payment options and can even help you find low-interest medical financing. 

Learn how to care for your teeth with veneers 

After getting veneers in Wylie, TX, it’s important you take proper care of them. Ultimately, gum disease can happen when you don’t follow proper oral hygiene. Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot at Trusted Dental Care suggests comprehensive dental examinations once a year and routine dental cleanings several times a year for those with veneers and a history of gum disease. To schedule a dental exam or routine dental cleaning, schedule an appointment today.

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