Dental Cleanings in Wylie, TX

The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings for Optimal Oral Health

Regular dental cleanings are an important component of maintaining good oral health. These cleanings involve the removal of plaque and tartar buildup, as well as a thorough cleaning of the teeth. Not only do they help prevent gum disease, cavities, and other dental problems, but they also allow our skilled Wylie, TX dentist, Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot, to detect early signs of dental issues.

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What Are Regular Dental Cleanings?

Regular dental cleanings, also known as prophylaxis, involve cleaning the teeth and removing any plaque and tartar buildup. During the cleaning, our Wylie dentist will use special instruments to scrape away buildup and polish the teeth. They may also take x-rays to check for any hidden dental issues.

Benefits of Attending Dental Cleanings Appointments

father and daughter brushing their teethThere are numerous benefits of regular dental cleanings, including:

  • Preventing Cavities: Regular dental cleanings help remove plaque and tartar buildup, reducing the risk of developing cavities.
  • Preventing Gum Disease: Professional cleanings can help prevent gum disease by removing plaque and tartar, which can lead to gingivitis and periodontitis if left untreated.
  • Fresh Breath: Regular cleanings can help keep your breath fresh by removing bacteria and plaque that can cause bad breath.
  • Early Detection of Dental Problems: Regular check-ups during cleanings allow dentists to detect any potential issues early, such as cavities, oral cancer, or gum disease.
  • Maintaining Overall Health: There is evidence to suggest that oral health is linked to overall health, so attending regular cleanings may contribute to your overall well-being.
  • Brighter Smile: Professional cleanings can help remove surface stains, leading to a brighter and whiter smile.

If dental cleanings aren’t performed regularly, small issues can escalate into more serious ones, requiring expensive and invasive procedures. Overall, attending dental cleaning appointments is an important step in keeping your teeth and gums healthy and preventing serious dental problems from developing.

How Often Do I Need Regular Dental Cleanings?

Everyone needs regular dental cleanings. However, the frequency of these cleanings may vary depending on your individual needs. Generally, people in good oral health may only need cleanings twice a year, while those with more serious dental issues may require more frequent cleanings. Dr. Gebrehiwot will determine how often you should visit our Wylie dental practice.

The Cost of Regular Dental Cleanings

The cost of regular dental cleanings will vary depending on several factors, such as the condition of your oral health, what type of dental cleaning you need, and your dental insurance. In general, regular dental cleanings are one of the least expensive dental treatments. At Trusted Dental Care, we offer financing options to allow our patients to have access to the best care. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining regular dental cleanings at Trusted Dental Care

Dental Cleanings are essential for preserving your oral health and preventing future dental issues. Our professional cleanings will ensure that your teeth and gums are in optimal condition. If you reside in Wylie, TX, we encourage you to reach out to our experienced dentist and schedule your next cleaning appointment by calling (214) 702-0446.