Foods To Avoid After Laser Gum Treatment

The health of your gums is important as they can impact both your oral health and overall wellness. At Trusted Dental Care in Wylie, TX, we use advanced BIOLASE® laser technology to treat different periodontal concerns with a minimally invasive approach. Our soft tissue diode laser helps Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot perform gum disease treatment precisely and target infected gum tissue deep below the gumline. We also use this technology to complete oral biopsies. To learn if laser gum treatment may address your concerns, schedule a visit with Dr. G. at his dental office today.


There are many times that laser gum treatment may be ideal for a patient. When you have gum disease, we can use the laser to remove bacteria, and infected tissue found deep inside pockets on the gumline. Laser gum treatment is also great for a patient who wants to remove overgrown gum tissue and lengthen the appearance of their short teeth for a better-looking smile. Laser gum treatment is much less invasive than traditional gum surgery and doesn’t require incisions or stitches. You will have a shorter recovery time with laser gum treatment.

Before your procedure, Dr. G. will explain what to expect during the process and what you’re being treated for. Best of all, the laser helps minimize bleeding and any discomfort after treatment, leading to a faster healing process.


For the first week after laser gum treatment, we recommend a diet of soft foods, such as eggs, pasta, yogurt, ice cream, or mashed potatoes. Avoid chewing anywhere the laser was used. Foods that we recommend our patients avoid after laser gum treatment include:

  • Gum
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Crunchy food, such as raw vegetables
  • Spicy or very hot in temperature food
  • Any meat that can shred and get stuck between the teeth

A soft food diet helps your gums heal without the added pressure of chewing or biting on hard or crunchy food. Dr. G. will give you recovery instructions once your laser care is done. Your mouth may be tender or inflamed for a few days. A follow-up appointment is necessary for Dr. G. to assess your recovery and look at your oral health improvement.


Our Wylie, TX dental team will let you know your financial obligations before treatment begins. Some insurance companies may cover this treatment if it will improve oral health. We also offer low-interest medical financing to make treatment more affordable for those with no coverage.


When you need an oral biopsy, want to improve how your smile looks, or need gum disease treatment, laser gum treatment at Trusted Dental Care can help. Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot uses advanced laser technology to deliver precise periodontal care to patients throughout Wylie, TX. To learn more about laser gum treatment or to schedule a consultation, call our office today.