I Have Multiple Missing Teeth. Can I Still Get A Smile Makeover?

During a smile makeover at Trusted Dental Care, we use different smile makeover procedures to provide tooth restoration and complete smile rejuvenation. This helps improve how your smile looks and functions. During a consultation with Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot, he performs a dental exam where he evaluates your teeth and gums to determine if you’re a candidate for a smile makeover and to decide what procedures will benefit your oral health best. Before any smile makeover begins, any existing dental issues must be resolved.

Can I get a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a custom treatment plan in Wylie, TX that Dr. G. uses to improve a smile. Some of these procedures can whiten teeth, replace teeth, or even straighten them. His goal is to help his patients achieve their dream smiles.

The best candidate for a smile makeover is a patient without any existing dental problems. Before any dental procedure is performed, a comprehensive dental exam is conducted to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. He generally recommends replacing missing teeth before any cosmetic procedures are done.

Reasons to consider a smile makeover

There are many benefits to having a smile makeover, including:

  1. Whiter teeth: We offer professional teeth whitening that can whiten your smile up to several shades whiter after one treatment.

  2. Replace missing teeth: We can replace missing teeth with a bridge or dental implants, depending on the oral health situation.

  3. Fix crooked, crowded, or uneven teeth: For patients interested in teeth straightening, Invisalign® treatment will continuously and gradually move teeth to where they belong.

Should I get a dental implant or a bridge?

At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. G. recommends dental implants for multiple missing teeth. Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone to replace teeth. Sometimes we choose to give dental implants to patients after they get a bridge. Ultimately, each patient’s oral health situation is different, and a consultation with Dr. G. helps us make the most informed decision.

Will insurance cover smile makeover procedures?

Dental insurance usually will cover procedures that they deem medically necessary. Dental implants can be considered necessary as they almost instantly improve oral health. Our team works hard to prove your procedures are needed.

How to care for a smile makeover

After you get a smile makeover in Wylie, TX, it’s important to maintain your teeth and gums with an efficient at-home oral hygiene routine. Brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing daily helps remove leftover food particles and plaque from your teeth and gums. This significantly reduces your chances of developing tooth decay. As long as you maintain your teeth at home, and schedule regular dental exams and teeth cleanings, your results will last for years.

Schedule a consultation to learn about a smile makeover near me

At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot helps his patients throughout Wylie, TX to create their dream smile. To learn more about smile makeover procedures and to schedule a consultation with Dr. G., call us today. We can help create a custom treatment plan that addresses your goals for your smile and replaces missing teeth.

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