What Cosmetic Issues Can A Smile Makeover Correct?

When you’re looking for ways to improve how your smile looks, a smile makeover is an answer. At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot uses cosmetic dentistry in Wylie, TX, to give his patients the smile they’ve always dreamed of. At our dental office, we use the latest technology and high-quality materials to perform different procedures that can straighten, whiten, and improve how a smile looks. Our goal is to give each of our patients healthy teeth and gums that make them feel confident.


A smile makeover is used by Dr. G. to repair and restore the teeth and gums. This smile-rejuvenation will use different restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve how a smile looks and how it functions. Our cosmetic dentist creates customized treatment plans that address each patients’ oral health and smile goals. Cosmetic dentistry can offer dramatic results to those with dull, discolored, and damaged smiles.

Ultimately, every patient needs different things, but a smile makeover can be used to resolve many imperfections, including:

  • Crowded or misaligned teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Gapped teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Uneven teeth
  • Worn teeth
  • Stains, yellowing, or discoloration

Whatever your concerns for your smile, Dr. G. can offer professional solutions to help you get your dream smile in Wylie, TX.


At Trusted Dental Care, Dr. G. offers many ways to change your smile. A smile makeover addresses different cosmetic concerns that his patients may have. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving a smile’s appearance. It also can:

Correct teeth alignment: Patients that want a straight smile can use Invisalign® to gradually shift their teeth to desired positions. This is done with a series of clear teeth aligners that are custom-made for each patient. This improves your oral health since crowded or misaligned teeth are more likely to develop tooth decay. It is a great treatment option for adults who want to straighten their teeth in an undetectable way.

Improve the size, shape, or width of the teeth: Teeth that are too wide, too narrow, or too small can impact how your smile looks. Dr. G can offer ways to improve the length, width, shape, and size of your teeth. Veneers are a great procedure to use to instantly improve how a smile looks, regardless of the cosmetic concern.

Repair or restore chipped, cracked, or broken teeth: Teeth that are cracked, chipped, or broken affect how you chew and bite. A smile makeover helps improve the function of the teeth while also improving how a smile looks. Dental crowns and dental bonding can both be used to restore and repair teeth.

Whiten teeth: Our patients in Wylie, TX can get white teeth with teeth whitening. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can remove yellowing, stains, or discoloration after just one visit. Dr. G. can erase these stains and give you the smile you’ve always imagined.

Whether you’re interested in Invisalign, veneers, dental crowns, dental bonding, or tooth whitening, you can restore and transform your smile.


Every patient in Wylie, TX has different needs for their oral health. Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot at Trusted Dental Care performs thorough dental exams to determine the best treatment options for each patient. This can be a standalone procedure or a series of treatments that will help the patient to achieve their dream smile. When you want to make significant changes to your smile, and improve your oral health, consider what restorative and cosmetic dentistry can do for you. Schedule a smile makeover consultation to learn more and find out if you’re a candidate for this dental treatment plan.