When is a Gum Biopsy Needed?

The health of your gums is important as both gum disease and oral cancer can impact your dental health and overall wellness when it’s left untreated. At Trusted Dental Care, we use advanced BIOLASE® laser technology to treat different periodontal concerns with a minimally invasive approach. This high-powered soft tissue diode laser helps Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot precisely perform gum disease treatments. It allows him to target diseased areas deep below the gums. We also use this laser technology to complete oral biopsies of potentially cancerous and precancerous areas. To learn if you need a gum biopsy on abnormal gum tissue, schedule a dental exam in Wylie, TX.

What is gum cancer?

Gum cancer begins when cells in your upper or lower gums grow out of control and form tumors. This can oftentimes be mistaken for gingivitis, the first stage of periodontal disease, which is reversible.

Some common signs of gum cancer include:

  • White, red, or dark patches on the gums

  • Bleeding gums

  • Cracks on the gumline

  • Thickened gum tissue

During a biopsy, we use this laser to remove abnormal gum tissue for further evaluation.

When is a gum biopsy needed?

If we see a lesion or tumor in your mouth during a dental exam, Dr. G. will recommend a gum biopsy. This surgical procedure removes a small piece of tissue so that a pathologist can determine the cause and whether it’s cancerous. This lesion can be in the bone or soft tissue of your mouth. We may remove a sample from your gums, jaw, or even a tooth.

What is a gum biopsy?

A biopsy is a diagnostic tool that allows a pathologist to test infected tissue and identify what caused the abnormal tissue. If the test reveals cancer, this biopsy helps to identify the stage and extent of cancer involved. You will be asked to not eat for a few hours before your biopsy. You will rinse your mouth with an antibacterial rinse. We usually use local anesthesia during a gum biopsy for our adult patients in Wylie, TX. If the lesion is hard to reach, we may suggest general anesthesia to keep you most comfortable.

Gum biopsy healing time

After your biopsy, you will feel numbness in your gums because of anesthesia. However, as this wears off in a few hours, you will feel soreness and tenderness. If the soreness or pain persists with any bleeding or swelling, contact Dr. G. immediately. Oral biopsies do carry a risk of infection; however, this is very rare. Ultimately, this tool has helped save countless lives.

Will insurance cover my gum biopsy?

Our team can reach out to your insurance company to review your benefits and determine if your biopsy will be covered – usually, it is. At Trusted Dental Care, we work with different PPO plans and even offer low-interest medical financing.

Learn how a gum biopsy can save your life

When you need to have an oral biopsy, schedule an appointment at our Wylie, TX office. Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot uses the advanced BIOLASE soft tissue laser system to offer minimally invasive periodontal care to his patients. To learn more about laser gum treatments or to schedule a consultation, contact our team at Trusted Dental Care today.

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