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Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Diode lasers are an innovative technology that can be utilized in a number of periodontal and dental procedures. Producing energy and light pulses, a diode laser is a minimally invasive tool for treating the delicate tissue of the mouth. General dentist Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot has advanced training in the use of diode lasers to complete safe and effective treatment processes for children and adults. The benefits of laser dentistry can shorten procedure times, speed healing, and reduce the need for sutures following soft tissue (periodontal) treatments. This may then minimize bleeding and the possibility of inflammation or infection following care. To find out more information about how we use advanced laser diode technology to enhance oral health, contact Trusted Dental Care in Wylie, TX and schedule a consultation with Dr. G.

Candidates for Laser Care

Laser diode procedures may be ideal for patients of all ages, thanks to their minimally invasive, gentle approach. In fact, some patients who are not candidates for traditional periodontal procedures due to medical conditions may receive laser dentistry care without concern. At Trusted Dental Care, we use the BIOLASE® soft tissue diode laser to perform an array of procedures while increasing accuracy and lessening your treatment time. Some of these procedures include gum sculpting, gum disease treatment, and crown lengthening. The laser can also be used to destroy oral bacteria and remove diseased tissues during treatment.

The Laser Dentistry Process

Diode lasers are emitted through a small, wand-like device that Dr. G. can use to treat various aspects of the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. Before any procedure with the diode laser, you might be given local anesthesia to help make you more comfortable. However, the use of laser alone is generally more comfortable and often minimizes the need for anesthetic. Energy from the laser is released in short pulses throughout the procedure, which cauterizes the tissue as it works to minimize bleeding. Laser dentistry enhances the precision and ultimately the outcome of several soft tissue dental treatments.

Following a Laser Procedure

After any procedure using a diode laser, you might have slightly inflamed or tender gums but there generally is no need for sutures and bleeding will be limited. The innovative technology often eliminates the need for incisions and resulting sutures and contributes to less downtime and faster healing results following your treatment. Dr. G. and our team will provide specific aftercare instructions that will help in your recovery. Depending on the procedure performed, you may need to schedule a follow-up visit at Trusted Dental Care so Dr. G. can monitor your recovery. 

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for procedures performed with laser diode technology will be based on the type of treatment needed. Our financial team can get in touch with your dental insurer to review your coverage and estimate any out-of-pocket expenses. As a full-service practice, Trusted Dental Care accepts a variety of dental insurance plans and convenient forms of payment, including flexible financing plans, to help you get the treatment you need for a healthy smile.

Gentle Laser Treatments

Offering accuracy and precision, laser diode technology often enhances patient comfort and delivers a more efficient process. The use of lasers can also allow your soft tissue treatment to be less time consuming and minimize your recovery time. As the founder of Trusted Dental Care, Dr. G. is proud to bring the latest in advanced laser dentistry to Wylie, TX patients. To find out more about our gentle laser treatments, please contact our team to reserve your dental consultation.

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