Root Canal Therapy in Wylie, TX

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About Root Canal Therapy

When detected early on, tooth decay often can be addressed with a simple filling or crown to restore the affected tooth. But when the decay moves past the outer tooth and affects the inner pulp of the tooth, you will likely need a root canal procedure. An endodontic treatment, root canal therapy at Trusted Dental Care removes the infected pulp from within the tooth, disinfects the center portion and canals of the roots, and then fills and seals the tooth. Skilled general dentist Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot may recommend a root canal procedure to Wylie, TX patients to treat and save an infected tooth and prevent the condition from further impacting oral and general health.

If you suspect you could benefit from root canal therapy, we understand if you might have reservations about the procedure. A root canal is a very common dental therapy, yet many people shy away from going to the dentist for a toothache because of common dental fears. Dr. G. and our experienced, compassionate staff will do their very best to keep you at ease and relaxed naturally but we also provide nitrous oxide sedation to help relieve any anxiety. Call Trusted Dental Care to set up a consultation with Dr. G for more on saving an infected tooth with root canal treatment.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

An infection that reaches the pulp of a tooth might be caused by a large cavity, a deep crack in the tooth, physical trauma to the mouth or jaw. The most obvious signs that you may have an infected tooth are tooth or jaw pain, swelling or a pimple-like bump on the gums around the tooth, and discoloration (darkening) of the affected tooth. Other symptoms that a root canal might be needed are indicated by pressure in the jaw, temperature sensitivity, or discomfort when biting or chewing. If the infected pulp is not treated, the pain and swelling can increase as the infection spreads down the tooth roots and into the underlying bone. Without timely and proper care, an infected tooth may require a tooth extraction.

The Root Canal Process

We want you to feel at ease and relaxed during your appointment and will cater to your comfort throughout the entire process. While Dr. G. will numb the tooth and nerves thoroughly, some individuals ask for nitrous oxide sedation (laughing gas) to help keep them calm and relaxed during a root canal. Dr. G. understands and empathizes with those who have dental anxieties, and will try to help you make the appropriate decision about your sedation needs.

During the root canal procedure, Dr. G. will assess the inner chamber (pulp) through a small opening created in the top of the tooth and then carefully remove the infected pulp. Afterward, the inside of the empty chamber and tooth roots will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized to remove remaining debris or bacteria. To conclude the procedure, the tooth will be filled with a special material to sealed off to allow it to heal.

After Your Procedure

Following your root canal procedure, you may notice some minor tenderness in the tooth, which can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication. However, any pain you were feeling from your tooth infection should start to subside. We will schedule a follow-up appointment for you a few weeks after the procedure so that Dr. G. can examine the area to make sure the infection has resolved. To protect root canal treated teeth from further damage and restore their function, we generally placed a crown restoration once the tooth is fully healed.

Insurance Coverage

At your consultation, our team will review your insurance coverage and estimate any potential out-of-pocket costs for your root canal procedure. Trusted Dental Care takes several affordable payment methods and we can assist you in exploring your medical financing options.

Save Your Smile

Root canals are a very common procedure used to rid internal infection within a tooth and save your smile from further damage. If you have a painful or infected tooth, please do not delay in seeking the compassionate, experienced care you need. Contact Trusted Dental Care in Wylie, TX today to set up an appointment with Dr. G. to learn about your options for gentle root canal therapy.

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