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What Is a Dental Bridge?

Losing even a single tooth carries more than just a cosmetic concern, as missing teeth can significantly impact your oral function and cause surrounding teeth to shift out of place. A dental bridge is a custom restoration that restores the health and appearance of your smile by filling spaces left behind by tooth loss and is made of two or more crowns that are fused together. As a fixed type of appliance, the end units of a dental bridge are supported by teeth adjacent to the open space or implants surgically positioned within the jawbone, with the middle unit filling the space created by a missing tooth. At Trusted Dental Care in Wylie, TX, experienced general dentist Dr. Fesaha Gebrehiwot offers fixed dental bridges made of high-quality materials to help give you back your confidence and quality of life. If you have gaps in your smile from one or more missing teeth, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr. G. to learn about your tooth replacement options with a custom bridge.

Why Replace a Missing Tooth?

When a permanent tooth is lost, the impact can reach farther than the overall appearance of your smile. Your mouth is carefully balanced and teeth rely on each other to remain in place. Over time, gaps caused by tooth loss can lead to shifting of the teeth, changing how your upper and lower teeth fit together (your bite) and creating unbalanced tension in your jaw. Losing a tooth may also impact your ability to bite and chew in comfort and speak with ease. By having a dental bridge placed, you can restore the appearance of your smile while returning function and harmony to your bite and overall oral health. A fixed dental bridge may be ideal if you have between 1 – 3 teeth missing in a row. During your consultation, Dr. G. can determine if your surrounding teeth are healthy enough to support the bridge or whether dental implants should be placed to anchor your tooth replacement.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

Dental bridges from Trusted Dental Care are made of the highest quality materials and may be crafted of tooth-colored ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal. Thanks to advanced technology, dental bridges are custom-shaded and made precisely to blend seamlessly with surrounding teeth. To prepare your mouth for a bridge, Dr. G. will numb the treatment area and remove a portion of the enamel from the teeth designated to support the bridge. In some cases, a set of dental implants may be surgically placed in an area of tooth loss to support an implant-retained bridge. A comfortable digital impression of the prepared teeth or implants will then be taken and sent to our dental lab for bridge fabrication. To maintain your function and appearance during this time, a temporary bridge will be placed. When your fixed bridge is ready, usually about 1 – 2 weeks later, we will have you return to our office so that Dr. G. can cement your bridge in place. Your bridge will then be adjusted as needed for a natural fit and feel.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

After your bridge is in place, you should have a noticeable improvement in the appearance and function of your teeth. Dr. G. or a member of our clinical team will teach you how to maintain your bridge, including techniques you can use to clean it with your toothbrush and floss each day. It is crucial to care for your bridge daily since decay can still develop on the teeth supporting your dental bridge. If you properly care for it, your bridge can last for many years. During your dental checkup and cleaning visits with our team at Trusted Dental Care, Dr. G. will routinely evaluate your bridge and monitor the health of your supporting teeth or dental implants.

Insurance coverage

While dental bridges are generally covered, in part, by most dental insurance companies, there may be some coverage limitations. Our knowledgeable office staff will review your individual plan and help you understand your insurance benefits. Trusted Dental Care accepts several flexible methods of payment, including financing options, to help you fit any uncovered portion comfortably within your budget.

Improve Your Health and Smile

Replacing missing teeth offers benefits that impact more than just the quality of your smile. By replacing teeth with a traditional or implant-supported dental bridge, you can overcome tooth loss and preserve your oral health and wellness. Trusted Dental Care in Wylie, TX is pleased to offer custom dental restorations that can improve the function and appearance of your smile. To learn more about your options for tooth replacement, schedule your appointment with Dr. G. today.

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