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Do You Need A Retainer After Invisalign® Treatment?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 02/23/2021

You will need a retainer after Invisalign treatment to prevent noticeable changes so you can maintain a beautiful smile.


Four Restorative Procedures Included in a Smile Makeover

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 02/16/2021

Discover why restorative dentistry procedures are important and what dental treatments can help you replace damaged or missing teeth.


How to Prevent Gum Disease at Home

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 02/09/2021

Learn why proper oral hygiene at home and regular dental checkups are essential to maintain healthy gums and teeth to preserve your smile.


Five Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 02/02/2021

When you want to improve your smile, porcelain veneers can fix a smile quickly in Wylie, TX.


How Many Treatments Make Up a Smile Makeover?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 01/28/2021

Smile makeover procedures are helping women and men overcome cosmetic imperfections and refresh their appearance. Discover more on top treatments.


Are Gum Contouring Results Permanent?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 01/20/2021

Discover how gum contouring and reshaping can provide long-term results and reinvent your smile, so you feel more confident about how you look.


What Bite Types Can Traditional Metal Braces Correct?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 01/13/2021

Traditional metal braces can correct different bite types and straighten the teeth at the same time.


Can You Still Get Gum Disease With Porcelain Veneers?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 01/06/2021

When it comes to veneers and gum disease, you must care for your veneers best to keep your oral health intact.


How to Maintain Your Smile After A Smile Makeover

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 12/23/2020

Looking for a dentist in Wylie, TX to fix your smile imperfections? Discover how cosmetic dentistry can help and tips on how to maintain your smile.


Can Gums Grow Back After Gum Contouring Surgery?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 12/16/2020

Gum contouring surgery can help treat advanced gum disease issues or reshape the gums for a luminous, proportionate, and healthy-looking smile.


I Have Missing Teeth. Can I Still Get Invisalign?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 12/09/2020

Invisalign is a clear way to have a beautiful smile, even if you have missing teeth. Learn more about straightening teeth before tooth replacement.


Can Discolored Porcelain Veneers Be Whitened?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 12/03/2020

Learn how we can whiten your veneers for a refreshed, bright smile.


What Is The Recovery Timeline For A Smile Makeover?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 11/24/2020

A smile makeover can consist of two or more cosmetic and restorative dental treatments for a beautifully restored smile in Wylie, TX.


Can Gums Grow Back After Laser Gum Contouring Surgery?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 11/17/2020

Laser gum contouring can treat a gummy smile or reshape an uneven gumline. Learn how to maintain your results after this cosmetic gum surgery.


Will Your Teeth Shift If Invisalign Aligners Are Not Worn Daily?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 11/10/2020

For Invisalign to work well in Merrimack, NH, you must wear your clear teeth aligners up to 22 hours a day.


My Porcelain Veneer Fell Off. Now What?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 11/03/2020

Knowing what to do for veneer repair is important after fixing your smile and improving your oral health.


How to Know If You Need A Complete Smile Makeover

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 10/27/2020

If your mouth is the cause of embarrassment, pain, or shyness, you may benefit from a complete smile makeover to get the smile you desire and deserve.


Foods To Avoid After Laser Gum Treatment

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 10/20/2020

After laser gum treatment, you will need to follow a specific diet to allow for optimal healing.


How Often Do You Need to Switch Out Your Invisalign Trays?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 10/13/2020

Switching out your Invisalign trays is a critical part of your treatment plan.


I Have Missing Teeth. Can Porcelain Veneers Replace Them?

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. | 10/06/2020

Porcelain veneers can instantly transform a smile with thin porcelain shells in Wylie, TX.


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